Press for Tornandez Mexicano Restaurant

– Minerva- Owner –

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Known for Specialties

Known for specialties from Puebla region of Mexico, chef Minerva is most proud of her family recipe for Al Pastor. She finely cuts pork and marinates it with fresh pineapple and spices before serving it in tacos, burritos, tortas and cemitas – sandwiches originally from Puebla, served on sesame seed-studded rolls, at her Point Pleasant’s restaurant. Her mole poblano contains 30 ingredients, including chocolate and chiles. Choose it with enchiladas, or on platter with slow-cooked chicken and rice. If you can’t decide on what to order, opt for the Supremo, which is like a fajita served with warm tortillas and a sampling of Al Pastor, steak, shrimp, guacamole, peppers, onions, mushrooms and Oaxaca cheese.
Flan and rice pudding ensure a sweet ending.

Having a Party

by Sarah Griesemer

It has been two years since Minerva Torralba opened their Mexican restaurant in Point Pleasant, and she is marking the occasion with an anniversary celebration.
The ownersof Tornandez Restaurante Mexicano will host a party from 4 to 6 p.m. tomorrow, and the festivities will begin with music from the New York City Mariachi Conservatory.
Torralba is the head chef at her restaurant, which serves authentic dishes from her native Mexico. She was born in Veracruz and grew up in Puebla Mexico before moving to Asbury Park in 2001, and she now cooks family recipes for her guests.
The menu includes albondigas, Mexican-style meatballs in chipotle sauce; tortas gigantes, which are sandwiches stuffed with steak, pork, chicken or chorizo and refried beans and avocado; carne asada with rice and beans, enchiladas in poblano mole sauce, tacos and empanadas, plus scratch-made salsas and guacamole.
And there’s dessert, too — homemade flan, rice pudding and fried plantains with condensed milk.

“Our customers have been wonderful,” Torralba said in a news release. “They have been very happy not only with our authentic dishes, desserts and ambiance, but also with our family-oriented service.
“We hope that through this event people will get the opportunity to learn more about our authentic Mexican food, its culture and how dedicated we are to our customers, ” she said. “We are proud to be part of this town.”