Hello my name is Minerva Torralba.  I am the owner of Tornandez Restaurante Mexicano located in Point Pleasant, New Jersey.  Our restaurant, Tornandez Restaurante Mexicano has been open since July 9, 2013.  I want to tell you about some of the dishes you may find in our menu.

  • On our Appetizers section, you will find our Guacamole. It is delicious, fresh and made to order.
  • One of our client’s favorites are our Tacos Al Pastor. Served in marinated pork with pineapple.
  • One of our Traditional plates is called, The Mole Poblano Con Pollo. It is chicken in Poblano Mole sauce served with rice & tortillas. Delicious!
  • Another really special dish here is our Tropical Hot Fajita. I named it Tropical, because no matter if it’s Winter or Summer, once you taste our Tropical Hot Fajita you will feel as if you were really in the tropics.

I would like to also share with you some of our achievements.

We opened this restaurant with a lot of effort, work and sacrifice.

We are grateful to have been featured in the Asbury Park Press, and in Inside Jersey Magazine speaking about my authentic Mexican recipes.  We were also featured as one of the best in Ocean County, New Jersey.

I would like to say Thank you to all our customers, because thanks to your support we are continuing to grow.

I would also like to quickly say Thank You to my children, because without them I could not do this.

In closing, I would like to say to all our customers who have taken the time, dedication, have expressed how much they have truly enjoyed our food, and keep coming back for more … THANK YOU.   And for those who have not yet visited us and tasted our food, we welcome you.  I assure you will not regret it … you will enjoy it. Tornandez Restaurante Mexicano is happy to serve you.